I was sitting in my living room watching college baseball on my computer and major league baseball on the TV when the idea came to me. I thought that I should start a blog where I could share my thoughts about everything that has to do with baseball and not just the White Sox like my other blog┬ácovers. This year is jam packed with tons of news about all the different levels of baseball. The College World Series will be one of the best and features some teams that are basically defined by the world cinderella. The minors are full of players that have been recently drafted and are full of talent and are just waiting to be ready to make their debut in the major league. Finally, the major league division leaders are much different than they have been in the past few years. Young players like Trout, Harper, Beachy, and Stanton lead the headlines as well. So it’s easy to see why someone like me would like to start writing about the amazing game of baseball.