Last year the MLB Futures Game was highlighted by Mike Trout and Bryce Harper being elected to the game. Now Mike Trout and Bryce Harper are both in the MLB All Star game. They are both having great seasons and are probably future baseball stars. So who will be this year’s Mike Trout or Bryce Harper? I’m going to take a look at the rosters and give my best guess as to who out of the many great players in this game will be the next star.

The US Team has some of the best pitchers from last year’s draft including Dylan Bundy and Gerrit Cole. Both of those pitchers have the possibility to become the next great pitchers. Bundy has done ridiculous things so far in the minors and will be fun to watch in this game and for years to come. Cole has been consistent all year and has the possibility to be the Pirates ace in a couple years.

Fernandez leads the World Team pitchers when it comes to the best future. He has been one of the best pitchers in the minor leagues this year and is one of the best international players to be drafted in the past few years.

Arenado and Hamilton lead the US Team as fielders. Arenado is one of the best hitting prospects in the minor league and is generating a lot of buzz when it comes to talk about him online. Hamilton might be the best known minor leaguer out there. He has stolen over 100 bases already this year and will probably set a minor league record this year. He’s the fastest player in baseball and many think he’ll move to center field at some point. He’ll be fun to see steal some bases hopefully in the futures game.

Profar and Taveras lead the names for the World Team. Just as with Arenado, he is regarded by some as the best player in the minor leagues. He is one of the best prospects out there and will be very exciting to watch. I personally like Oscar Taveras to be a future star. He is a prospect in the Cardinals system that didn’t have a great season last year. This season, he has improved a lot and has shown that he wants to make it to the major leagues. He’s developed power and added that to his many tools. I think he’ll be in the major leagues soon and will do well there.

The Futures game is a great game for anyone that loves baseball. It’s like watching an All-Star Game of all of the minor leagues. Even if you don’t follow minor league baseball or scouting, you should watch the game because every team has one player and your team’s player might do something great there.