MLB News and Notes

  • Jim Thome was traded from the Phillies to the Orioles immediately after both of the teams’ games ended. In return for Thome, the Phillies got Kyle Simon and Gabriel Lino. Kyle Simon is the 18th prospect in the Orioles system and Gabriel Lino is the 21st prospect, according to Baseball America. This trade is a win-win for both teams. The Orioles get the DH that they desperately need if they want to contend in the AL East, and the Phillies get some prospects that will probably have a future at the Major League level.
  • The temperature in Atlanta before first pitch was 110 degrees. That took a big toll on the Nationals as it caused Stephen Strasburg to leave the game in the third inning. He was frustrated about being taken out in the dugout, but later said that he felt dizziness on the mound. He was also red-faced and was breathing heavily. After the game he was given 3 IVs of saline.
  • Earlier in the day, there were rumors saying that the Rangers were scouting both Zack Greinke and Cole Hamels. This makes sense considering the fact that the only problem that the Rangers really have is pitching. The Rangers later denied that they were going after Greinke, but made no mention of Hamels.
  • The All-Star Game selection show is on TBS at 1 ET today. Tune in to find out which players made it, so that you can all complain about which players made it and which ones didn’t (I might do some of that too).
  • Anthony Rizzo hit his first home run in a Cubs uniform today. Even more impressive was his great fielding play where he fielded a grounder and threw a perfect strike to throw the runner out. That play will be one of many to come and the home run will be one of many to come in a Cubs uniform. Something for Cubs fans to be excited about.
  • The Dodgers and Astros seem to be working a trade that involves Carlos Lee. He will make a decision about waiving his no-trade clause today. The Dodgers are confident that even if they don’t make this trade, they will make another before the deadline to improve their offense.
  • Last but not least, Yasmani Grandal set a new Major League record in his game against the Rockies. This was his major league debut and he is a switch hitter. In his first at bat, he batted from the right side and hit a home run. In his second at bat, he batted from the left side and hit a home run. He was the first player to ever have his first two hits be home runs from the two sides of the plate. That’s quite a feat, and yet, he got the silent treatment after his first homer (as shown in the GIF above).

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