Anthony Rizzo May Be the Cubs’ Savior, but Not For the Reason You Think

Anthony Rizzo is a top prospect in the Chicago Cubs farm system. He is probably the first basemen of the future and possibly of the World Series champions for the Cubs. He has a lot of hype surrounding him and even more hype surrounding him being called up and playing his first game for the Cubs tonight.

Most of the talk is either someone sincerely believing that Rizzo will do great things and the rest of it is people being sarcastic about the level of success that Rizzo will succeed. So which is the right one? Is Rizzo the superstar of the future for the Cubs or is he going to bust? The answer is that we don’t know and he’ll probably be somewhere in between.

Some of the hype calls Anthony Rizzo the “Savior of the Cubs”. While that might not be true referring to his talent on the field, it is true in another aspect.

Right now the Cubs are 25-48. They are 15 1/2 games out of first place in their division. They have the worst record in Major League Baseball. It’s pretty hard to keep fans interested and going to the ballpark when they lose most of their games. The media and writers who cover the Cubs have to find a way to keep fans interest, they have to search harder than most teams to find a story.

Rizzo has been that story. He has played great for the Iowa Cubs and looks like he can be really good in the future. Maybe the media is over-hyping him, but that’s how they’re keeping the interest of fans. Rizzo is a big story because it’s something Cubs fans can finally be excited about. I don’t think any Cubs fan honestly believes that he’ll turn around the Cubs season, but they do think that he’ll really help in the future. Rizzo is something to believe in, and that’s something Cubs fans really need.


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