CWS Final Series Game 1 Recap

Winning the College World Series is a tough thing to do. It takes talent, skill, heart, and having everything be perfect on the team. After an impressive CWS before the final series and an impressive game 1 by Arizona, it looks like the Wildcats have all of those things.

Arizona went into the NCAA Tournament with a great offense, but pitching was a big question mark. That question mark disappeared as soon as Arizona arrived in Omaha. The Arizona pitching staff has been just as good, if not better, than their impressive offense during the College World Series so far.

The Wildcats had great pitching, great offense, and good defense in this game and that’s hard to beat even if you’re the two time defending NCAA Champions. There was nothing the Gamecocks could do because they couldn’t hit off of Konner Wade, the defense was too good, and their pitching couldn’t keep the Wildcats’ offense under control.

If the Gamecocks want to win game 2, Roth will have to have a great start and the offense needs to get going. South Carolina cannot win this College World Series unless they start to hit the ball. They can’t keep up with the Arizona offense right now.


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